Can a Nose job help me with my asthma symptoms?

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. Many allergy sufferers end up developing asthma when symptoms cannot be properly managed. The asthma caused by allergies can be addressed through a combination of methods, which include medications, injections and surgical intervention. People who are experiencing certain allergic symptoms may consider certain surgical options like the nose job in Los Angeles procedure.

Breathing problems caused by asthma and allergies can affect a person’s lifestyle. Some people experience allergy rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic stuffy nose and allergies because of the internal structure of the nose. In some women, the menstrual cycle can even be affected by asthma and respiratory symptoms, research has shown. These breathing symptoms can all be treated by a physician whose background includes otolaryngology. There are some surgeons who have a background in both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty procedures.

Most people who have asthma also suffer from the chronic sinusitis condition. The two competing conditions can actually feed off of each other and cause respiratory symptoms to worsen over time. The asthma symptoms can put a person at risk for infection, which makes the asthma harder to control.

A nose job can resolve certain breathing and asthma symptoms when combined with other forms of treatment, if the asthma symptoms are partially caused by a mechanical obstruction. The surgical procedure can alter the internal structure of the nose to provide relief for certain breathing issues. The person may find that the asthma symptoms like allergic rhinitis may show slight improvement with a nose job in Los Angeles if other treatments are administered to manage symptoms.

The septoplasty reshapes the structure of the nose in order to optimize airflow. The mechanical obstruction that impedes airflow is corrected through surgery. At the time the surgery is performed, an incision is made inside of the nasal septum. The mucous membrane is lifted to remove the obstruction. This may involve the removal of excess bone and cartilage. When the septum completely heals, the breathing symptoms improve.

In order for the person having a nose job in Los Angeles to see relief in allergy symptoms, the person must have a treatment plan in place for their nasal allergies. During a consult for a nose job in Los Angeles, a person can see whether or not there are any mechanical obstruction issues that are contributing to asthma symptoms. The gives patients the preliminary information they need to determine if a consultation is ideal for the person’s scenario.

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